March 8, 2016

The Kitschy, Colorful, Queer World of Caitlin Rose Sweet | Posture Magazine


Caitlin rose Sweet video Still

A Q&A with Annie Malamet | Posture Magazine.

“Queer folks have a long history of consuming and recoding pop culture to form spaces for us to exist. I see my work as queer craft feminist camp, there is a lot of humor in my pieces that maybe I only see and enjoy.”

Caitlin Rose Sweet explores the intersections between craft, queerness, and pop culture to position queerness as a site for incessant transformation and possibilities. Her playful work resists assimilation and mastery through an intentional disinvestment in finished work and proper use of materials. Sweet has shown internationally from Portland Or, to San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Berlin. This includes such exhibitions as Mix 26 (NY 2013), Craftivism (NY 2013), Invisible Landscapes (PDX 2014), and Words as Objects(PDX 2014). She has also curated for the National Queer Arts Festival, co-producing Best Revenge 2012 and Deep Lez Potluck and Performance Night 2009. Sweet received her MFA in Applied Craft and Design from PNCA/OCAC in 2014 and is located in Brooklyn.