April 15, 2014

Queer Prophesies – June 19th 2014

"Prophesies are not simply the expression of a fatalistic resignation. Historically they have been a means by which the “poor” have externalized their desires, given legitimacy to their plans, and have been spurred to action." Silvia Federici

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.52.30 AM

I am part of this awesome group show this coming June in the bay. Please support them and the amazing artists in it. People like Lex Non Scripta, Cristy C. Road, Star Amerasu, Nomy Lamm — check out the full line up

Debuting at the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Prophesies is a prophetic window, a portal into manifold queer futures. With gender expression holograms, musical visions, and stories of our queer descendants, this is a night of performance and visual art exploring queer futures, utopias, and dystopias that resist assimilation and explore the queer unknown.

WHEN: June 19, 2014
WHERE: Sub-Mission Art Space
TIME: 7:30pm

Created through a process of crowd-sourcing, Queer Prophesies features the visions and prophetic dreams of queer community members artistically realized by an exceptional and multiracial/genderfabulous cast of queer visual artists and performers.