Uncontainable was an craft based installation and performance event at Le Petit Versailles, NYC that explored the long history of the vessel being a metaphor for a feminine body that is open, empty, and awaiting to be filled by the patriarchy. Caitlin Rose Sweet’s ceramic sculptures presents complicated forms that embody the potentiality of queerness and interrogates concepts of functionality, feminine labor, and interdependence. These queer ceramic vessels are not simple passive receivers to hold what is given to them but evolving hungry beasts that drip with their desire, love, and revolt. During the closing party, the work was activated by a group of performers who used the vessels to carry, pour, and receive water as a metaphor for the importance of emotional labor and interdependence.

The performers were Luz Cruz, Lauren Lydiard, Vivian Crockett, Justine Kelly-Fierro, Luxe Fatale, Jessie Susannah, Jenn Leyva, Nikki Padula, Carmel Brown, and Jennifer Vanilla. Sweet also curated performances by John Michael Swartz, Carlo Maria and Connor Donahue, Miss West Vargina, boiled wool,  B Dyson and Mayfield Brooks.