January 20, 2017

Massive ‘Nasty Women’ Art Show Raises 35K for Planned Parenthood Opening Night

Jillian Steinhauer for Hyperalergic

Conceived as a response to the election, the fundraising exhibition includes nearly 700 artworks by female-identifying artists.

It began (as so many things do these days) with a Facebook post. On November 14, less than a week after the election, artist Roxanne Jackson wrote on the social media platform: “Hello female artists/curators! Let’s organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested???” At the time, Jackson had been thinking of Donald Trump’s misogynist comments and his subsequent winning of the presidency, but also of a certain aesthetic akin to her own: purposefully and playfully grotesque art made by women. She’d been talking to curator Jessamyn Fiore about doing a show of such work.