I am a queer world maker who uses the connotations of the handmade as a platform to explore our relationship to constructs of the body, gender, sexuality, race and class. The work is driven by a material exploration that is heavily coded as feminine, low craft, working class scraps and immediate cultural information. My artistic approach is flexible and responsive to the resources I gather, my material choice, and informed by the queer tactics of performativity, camp, failure and disidentification.

This exploration manifests itself as ceramic objects, interventions with found materials, and site specific and interactive community based textile installations. My work is a continuation and evolution of the conversations started by the feminist art movement and lesbian land projects but infused by transfeminism, intersectionality, and queer politics and resistance. As a maker and cultural producer, I am driven by a sense of urgency to record and create radical queer visual culture as a survival tactic and as a gift to future generations of queerness.